Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Officer Schneider's Final Goodbye...

It's been a week and a half since Officer Shawn Schneider's emotional and touching funeral and I just wanted to let everyone know how it went.  The turnout was absolutely tremendous.  We had police officers, firemen, and EMS from all over our area, and even as far away as Las Vegas, in attendance.  Many area citizens and supporters of the Schneider family even turned out to line the streets during the processional and support the family.

I did not go because I would have had to bring Brennan with, but my husband attended the funeral with Lake City's volunteer Ambulance crew.  He said it was basically indescribable.  It was something that was amazing to see, but that you just pray to God that you'll never see again. 

I wanted to share one picture with you.  I didn't take this picture, it was passed onto me from a friend.  Someone she knows took it, but it struck me and gave me chills.  I put it into Photoshop and did a little editing on it.  I think it turned out stunning.

The processional was just majestic.  It was 4 miles long and included a ton of police cars, some firetrucks, our ambulances, and Officer Schneider's casket being carried along my two beautiful black horses.  This picture summed up the feeling of the day perfectly.  The black and white scene symbolizes the sadness and somber mood of the day, while the brightly covered flag gives us hope that comes shining through the darkness to illuminate our lives- that everything will be ok.

The "Final Call" was read at the end of the burial.  This is what it said,  
"515 to 208.........515 to 208......attention all units, 208 Officer Shawn Schneider is out of service, End of watch Dec. 30 2011.....208 is 10-7."
It only seems fitting that as the "Final Call" was just ending, the clouds suddenly parted and the warm sunlight came pouring down, spreading over, all of the mourners in attendance.  It was like someone was really there, still watching and protecting them, and sending down his love and comfort even from beyond this life.

Please continue to pray for continued healing and comfort for all of family, friends, acquaintances, and supporters of Officer Shawn Schneider.  Also, take the time to tell the people you care about what they mean to you.  You just never know when you'll no longer have that opportunity.

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