Thursday, January 12, 2012

Babyville Boutique- Adorable New Cloth Diapering Supply Line!

As many of you probably know, I've been cloth diapering Brennan since he was born, or at least since his tiny little frog legs got big enough to fit my cloth diapers!  A lot of people hear 'cloth diaper' and assume that it is disgusting, even though this is generally not the case.  If you want to read more about our cloth diapering experience, you can check out this post I wrote: Cloth diapers- why and how I use them

Anyway, since our cloth diapering experience has generally been a good one, I am going to cloth diaper this next little baby, too.  Two kids in cloth will be an experience, I'm sure, but maybe Brennan will surprise us and potty train quickly.  He's been using his potty several times a day for a few months now.....

I purchased all of Brennan's original cloth diapers off of eBay for a pretty reasonable price- something like $5-$6 per diaper, including shipping.  Overall, I like them, but there are a few things I would change.  First, although the diapers I bought came in a variety of bright, fun colors, the seller did not offer prints-and I've seen some cute prints!  Second, I purchased one-size diapers, which definitely has its advantages, but they are awfully big on a newborn, and getting snug on my almost 2 year old.  They also come in only the 'one' design without any customizing options.  Third, though these diapers have served us well, I feel like they are wearing out.  Maybe that should be expected of any diaper that has been used continuously for almost two years, but maybe not.  I have nothing to compare to.  All I know is that these diapers were mass manufactured in a Chinese factory using their materials.  Are these very high quality- who knows? 

This is part of the reason I'm so excited about the diapers I'm going to be making (hopefully with lots of family help) for the new baby.  Brennan will also get some larger ones.  The cloth diaper sewing supplies I'll be using come from a new and adorable line of products called Babyville Boutique.  They've got EVERYTHING a person needs to make their baby's very own cloth diapers, including fabrics, snaps and velcro, a pattern book, elastic, and cutesy stuff like buttons, appliques, and labels.  Everything is adorable, too!  Here are a few pictures to get you wanting this stuff as much as I do!

These are just a few of the fun products they offer in the Babyville Boutique diaper line.  I'm also extremely thrilled with the variety of diaper patterns and variations that are printed in the pattern book.  My wonderful husband stopped by Hobby Lobby after work last night just to pick me up a copy because I was dying to look through it.  You can basically mix and match to create the exact diaper you want or need.  I'm planning to make pocket diapers with fold over elastic, gussets, and a velcro closure.  I think I'm going to make them in the small and large sizes, with one row of snaps on each to allow them to be converted to the newborn and medium sizes.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

I'll let you know more about how it goes once we get there.  I'm not sure when we're going to begin sewing, but I'm getting anxious and this new baby will be here soon!  I'm 29 weeks today!  I really hope I love these as much as I think I will!


  1. Saw this line at JoAnn in Woodbury and thought it looked really cute.

  2. These are super cute! It'll be nice to make your own so you can customize them how you want.


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