Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's fun- The 3D ultrasound!

Today was a really cool day.  We got to see our little girl with a 3D ultrasound!  She was semi-uncooperative, always keeping her arms up by her face, but we still managed to get some really cool pictures of her.  She kept opening and closing her mouth like she was sucking or drinking and we got to see her moving all over the place, both on the screen and in my tummy (she is REALLY a wiggler).  She also did something that I've always wanted to see one of my babies do on an ultrasound- suck her thumb!  It was really cute.

We also got an approximate weight measurement while we were there- 3 pounds 10 ounces!  She's getting big already.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since she's due in just over 9 weeks and will be considered full term in just over 6!  It is unbelievable to me how fast this pregnancy has gone.  It is nearly over and I'm sure I'm going to miss many parts of it, but I'm so anxious to have another little baby to snuggle.  So... without further adieu, here are the newest pictures of our little girl!

She's working filling out those chubby cheeks.

She's sticking her tongue out at us!  We may have a stinker on our hands!

Here's a cool 2D profile picture with her little mouth open.

See those little fingers!?!  I can't wait to hold them.

She seemed to be trying to suck on her hands.

That fuzzy white stuff is her hair!  I can't wait to put bows in it!

She's pursing her little lips...

That nose is just so cute!

And the lips and hands are pretty sweet, too!

Here's another 2D shot of her as she was starting to suck her thumb.

And this is kind of fun- Here's a comparison of my two babies... Brennan is the top row, and newbie is the bottom.


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