Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Obviously!


To start this off, I need to show you a picture of my bedroom wall.  I painted this tree and glued silk flower blossoms to it for a 3D effect...

 The other day Brennan came out of my bedroom looking for me.  He held up a small silk flower blossom and put it in my hand.

Brennan: Mama!  I broke this!  The flower falled down.  It was an accident.

Me: It's ok.  Thanks for telling me.  Let's go look.

Walk into the bedroom and start searching for where this blossom used to be...

Me: Brennan?  Do you know where this flower came from?

In his most "obviously..."-toned voice he slowly responded.

Brennan: From the tree...

Oh... you don't say!  :)

Me: Do you know WHERE on the tree this came from?

Brennan: Right there.  (Pointing to the correct place.)

Well thanks.  He probably thinks I'm the dumbest Mom ever now for not knowing where that flower came from when we were looking at a tree full of them.

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