Friday, September 7, 2012

Some More Favorite Books!

I did a post a long while back about some of our favorite books.  Now, thanks to Dolly Parton's
Imagination Library, our wonderful friends and family, and many of my old kids books, I have a few more to tell you about!

Brennan's Favorite Books-
Brennan loves to read, both alone and with us.  He has several books memorized so well that you would think he really can read!  I might just start working on that... :)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?-

Brennan loves this book because of its predictable pattern and bright pictures.  He has a very easy time 'reading' this book to himself or to me.  Like most Eric Carle books(Also authored 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'), I think most little kids would like this one. 

Llama Llama Red Pajama & Llama Llama Goes to School-

All of the llama llama books tell endearing stories with some kind of moral.  These books instill the ideas of patience and trust, important lessons for every child to learn.  The rhymes in these books are great and the pictures are just as sweet as little llama, himself.  Brennan even has his own stuffed llama to cuddle with at night!

Where's my T.R.U.C.K.-

This book is so cute and clever.  When Tommy loses his favorite truck, he will leave no stone unturned in an effort to find it!  The situation looks grim, but as luck would have it, his persistence pays off!  I love the fact that it is easy to be really enthusiastic with this book, which kids just L.O.V.E., too! 

Bryleigh's Favorite Books- 

Look at the Animals-
This book is absolutely perfect one of baby's first books.  Featuring animals doing what they are best at, the simple, highly contrasting pictures will grab baby's attention and keep it!  We have another book by the same author, Peter Linenthal, called Look, Look! It has the exact same features as the first and Bryleigh loves this black, white, and red book a lot, too.

Baby Faces-
Like most other babies, Bryleigh really likes looking at other babies, or even herself in the mirror.  This book plays into their love for checking out faces by showing clear baby faces conveying different feelings or emotions.

Mama's Favorite Books-

Sleep, Baby, SleepSleep Baby, Sleep-

I love this book for how it encourages children to live up to their full potential.  It highlights personality traits such as strength, happiness, curiosity, and more.  The rhythmic verse and calming pictures make this perfect for bedtime.  As an example, "Soar, baby, soar.  The whole world you'll explore.  Fly like the goose who climbs and roams yet always knows his way back home.  Soar, baby, soar."  Each verse is sweet and inspirational- a great story to end story time with!

The Mine-O-SaurThe Mine-o-saur-
Teach your little ones why it is a good idea to share with this adorable book!  The Mine-O-Saur learns to share the hard way, but it all turns out well in the end.  I love the flow and rhyme of this book and Brennan does, too.

Check out any of these books for your little ones and you'll be glad you did!

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  1. Zoé's favorite is "8 Silly Monkeys" which is the monkeys jumping on the bed book. Adèle also seems to like it as well. For a quieter book, there's always "Goodnight Moon."

    We've settled into a bedtime routine although there still is weeping and gnashing of teeth and last night it took me 2 hours to get both to pass out. Adèle finally seems to be taking an interest in books so I'm able to read them some books successfully before we turn out the light.


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