Thursday, February 16, 2012

That 'To-Do List' Feeling

Awww man!

I'm starting to get the feeling that I need to write another to-do list.  For a little while, it seemed like I was getting most everything I wanted to do accomplished, but now, it feels the other way again!  Whenever I can cross one item off of my mental list, I need to add two more.  So, whenever the feeling finally gets strong enough, I take that mental list in my mind and put it down on paper.  For some reason it really seems to help motivate me and the sense of accomplishment seems even greater when you can physically cross an item off of the list.  Plus, if it is written down, Ryan is way more likely to happily help me cross some stuff off.

So, here's what I can come up with off of the top of my head right now...  It is no big surprise that almost all of it is baby related.

  1. Finish new baby bumpers (which requires a few steps: #1- cut fabric squares, #2- glue/adhere fabric to pipe insulation, #3- make and apply snapping bands).  Now I bet you're curious about what kind of bumpers I'm making!  Watch for a tutorial soon... :)
  2.  Make ring sling
  3. Crochet a cocoon to match a baby hat.
  4. Finish B's baby book before the new baby comes.
  5. Try to start the new baby's book.
  6. Keep up my baby journal and blog.
  7. Officially open my blog's crochet store (That's right!  I'm finally working on getting a mini-store up and running on my site where I can sell some of the stuff that I just love to make!  In turn, I'll be adding more to my to-do list!).
  8. Finish the hat I'm working on for a friend.
  9. Rearrange pictures/wall hangings in Brennan's room and add the cool new wall cubes I found that match perfectly!
  10. Work on any little details for Brennan's birthday party on the 25th.  I can't believe he's turning two  next Friday!!!
  11. Find some little shoes (or a cute shoe pattern) for the baptism.  I'd like to find some newborn ruffle-butt tights, too!
  12. Buy a baby ring and chain.
  13. Make final decisions about which double stroller and baby monitor we want to get and just buy them.
  14. Keep working on finding a great deal on a Mei Tai carrier.
  15. Work on writing my next Etsy store review.... you guessed it!  Watch for a review and giveaway right after I have this baby!  This one will be cute...
  16. Complete my search for diaper fabrics and schedule a sewing day with my family!
  17. Clean and reorganize the basement.  
  18. Clean and reorganize the upstairs.
  19. Oh, and the obvious ones... Fold and put away laundry.
  20. Run and unpack the dishwasher.
  21. Constantly pick up the hurricane of toys that hit the house!
Well... I'm sure there's a lot more I need to do, too, but I'm wasting too much precious Brennan-is-asleep time to keep just thinking about it!  Tell me about your lists so I don't feel so crazy!!!

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  1. I have that same feeling except with homework. At least yours sounds like a lot more fun. Mine is just read, read, read, read, write paper, read some more!


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