Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brennan's New Toy!

Brennan was lucky enough to get a just-by-chance, early birthday present this week!  Brennan and I stopped to pick up a quilt at our local quilting shop on Monday.  He found a big bucket of toys in the back while I was picking out which quilt was the one we came for.  It only took me a moment to find it, but by the time I had, Brennan had already fallen in love with one of the toys.  It was a little tricycle/scooter- a Razor Scuttle Bug.  He had climbed onto it and figured it out immediately.  You should have seen the smile on his face... :) 

I was already dreading leaving the store since, like most kids, Brennan would be quite ticked off about having to leave the new treasure he had found behind.  The only difference with Brennan is that he can crank it up to a level a bit higher than the average child.  Wrestling my extremely strong almost-two-year old is hard under normal circumstances, but even harder while juggling a quilt and being 35 weeks pregnant!

I was just in the beginning stages of my bargaining/bribing (I know... I know...) routine- something along the lines of "Brennan, Emmy is at home waiting for us.  Do you want to go home and give her a treat?  And you know what!  If you walk like a nice boy to the car, Mommy will be so proud of you and give you a Tic Tac!"  All of a sudden the nice quilt shop lady interrupted me. 

"You know, I'd really love to just send that home with you.  My grand kids are way too big for it and it is just taking up space here."  I asked her if she was sure a couple of times and she insisted.  So we thanked her (a lot... more than she even knows...) and proceeded to have a nice, calm, and cooperative walk to the door.  So nice!

Brennan has been sitting on his new scooter a lot and 'Go Go Going', as B says, ever since we got it home.

Thank you very much, nice quilt shop lady!

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