Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life's Little Accomplishments

My little guy has been saying and doing things lately that have just been making me feel so proud!  Though we are still in the midst of the 'terrible twos' (his 2nd birthday is February 24th!), he has been making some wonderful accomplishments!  Here are a few of the ones I'm most proud of:
  • His vocabulary is EXPLODING!  He knows how to say so much!  Even though many of his words sound similar and it takes some detective work to figure out what exactly he's talking about, he is absolutely able to 'explain' his wants and needs.  He's getting very good at stringing 2 to 3 words together to form mini-sentences, too!  I just love the conversations we're beginning to have.
  • He is starting to learn his colors.  Yellow is definitely his favorite and his go-to color if he can't remember the name for another color (green or red, for instance).  Most of the time he identifies blue and yellow correctly and we are working on the other ones.  Just this morning I pulled open his drawer of diapers and asked him to pick one out.  He walked over saying 'yellow' and then grabbed the first yellow one he spotted.  Then he threw that one on the floor, said 'blue' and pulled out a blue one- another proud Mama moment.  Unfortunately, deciding which one he REALLY wanted on was a little harder!
  • He is starting to say 'please' and 'thank you' without being prompted!  This is one of my very favorite things!  He sounds so polite when I bring him some water or pick up a toy that he dropped and he says a sweet little, "thank you."  Once again, it may not sound that much like 'thank you' but it is so cute and sweet.  I'm also loving that he's picked up saying 'Bless you' after someone sneezes, but only if it wasn't a very funny sneeze.  In the case of the latter, giggling is the normal response :).
  • Now when I tell him 'I love you' he reciprocates every time!  Sure feels good...
  • I'm starting to wonder if he is actually grasping the idea of another baby coming.  When we ask him where the baby is, he touches my tummy and says 'baby'.  We've set up a second crib in his nursery for when she arrives and he points or runs to it all the time and says 'baby night night', while letting out fake snoring sounds.  Anytime he sees newborn clothing, hats that I've made, new baby blankets, etc., he says 'baby'.  And he even says 'baby' when he sees an ultrasound picture, either a 2D profile or the 3D ones.  When he looks at the 3D ones, he often points out her mouth or nose, while saying 'baby nose' for example and then rubs my tummy.  I sure hope he is beginning to understand and that all of our explaining has been sinking in.  He knows that the baby will come out and live with us soon and that he can give her soft hugs and kisses and help me with things like getting diapers and reading her books.  And he's modest- when I ask him if he's going to be the best big brother, he simply says, "Da"... his version of 'yes'.
  • This one might sound silly, but for the past few days Brennan has been eating all of his meals really well!  He used to be a great eater until shortly after his first birthday.  Since then, he's eaten like a bird.  I guess he just wanted to take a year or so off...  
Well, I guess that about covers it.  I just wanted to share how proud I am!  Brennan's dynamic personality is developing more and more and each day he does or achieves something new.  It is so fun to watch him evolve into the child he is becoming.  The only sad part is, the little baby that I had not quite 2 short years ago is no more- he is definitely a kid now!

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  1. He sure is coming far in his development. It's crazy to see how much he knows, understands, and can say now. He's definately growing up!


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