Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Social Networking!

Hi everyone,

I've had my blog for almost 10 months now and I'm still really enjoying updating it and sharing what 'a day in my life' is like!  So, I felt like it is time to take more steps to expand and reach more fans.  That's why I made myself a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter Page.   I also created buttons that allow users to easily subscribe to my RSS feed with their favorite reader, follow me on Twitter, and 'like' my Facebook Fan page.  I think these will be a good ways to share my blog with others and grow my fan base.  And you just never know- with more fans I'll probably be able to do bigger better reviews and giveaways.  Who doesn't like free stuff?  I know I do!

So, if you all want to make my day, you can subscribe to my RSS feed, Follow me on Twitter, or 'like' my Fan page and maybe even share it with your friends who may also be interested!  Either follow the links in this post, or click one of the round buttons to the right.  Thanks so much!

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