Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I made a cool new shirt! Review of Allied Shirts!

Recently, I had the chance to design my very own shirt through  The entire process of custom designing the shirt and ordering it was a snap.  After I finally thought of what I wanted printed onto my shirt, the entire designing and ordering process only took a few minutes.  It really was very simple.

Of course, I designed something very chic and classy...

Yes, that is a giant squirrel and yes, that does say, "Eatin' squirrel brains is where ya get your smarts."

There are two reasons behind this shirt.  Number one: I've semi-recently become a huge fan of 'Duck Dynasty' and this quote by Miss Kay just cracks me up.  Who doesn't want a squirrel shirt?!?!

Number two: We have some newish friends that are absolutely blown away by the fact that I hunted and ate squirrel as a child.  They just couldn't wrap their heads around it... so squirrels/me is kind of a standing joke.  No.  I didn't REALLY eat the brains.

But back to reviewing the product.  The shirt itself is very comfortable.  It seems to fit very true to size.  The printing is clear and crisp.  Washing the shirt didn't alter the printing at all.  I'm very satisfied.

As for the website and the design process.  I'm also pretty impressed.  I already mentioned the ease of use, but I also appreciated the choices of products available.  The only negative thing I could really think of is pretty minor and I am probably one of the few people who would even notice/pay attention to it.  There are several font choices for the lettering, but I wished there were a few more.  I wanted something that looked kind of italic and this was the closest I could get.  I was satisfied with how it looks.  I'm just used to getting to choose between hundreds of different fonts when I work on Photoshop projects... spoiled, I know. :)

All in all, I highly recommend!  A custom shirt would make a great gift!  You could create something silly like mine for that quirky person on your list, or maybe a shirt with all of the Grandkids' names for Grandma or Grandpa.  Their custom shirts would also be great for bachelor/bachelorette parties, fundraiser, teams, etc.

Go check out and while your at it, check out their other brands: and Printcopia for custom signs and home decor.

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