Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a very merry Christmas!  Ours was really nice.  I wanted to share this year's Christmas card with you.  Here was the front:

On the back, I wrote a quick synopsis including some of this year's biggest events.  Here's what it said:

Big Happenings of 2013
·        -We moved! We said goodbye to our first little home and upgraded into a much more spacious, newer home on the other side of town. Love it!
·       -We’ve been busy making the new place our own.  We created a jungle room for Brennan and an owl room for Bryleigh.  We painted the family room and added a downstairs bathroom and hallway from scratch! What a learning experience.
·        -Brennan started pre-school! He goes on Friday mornings and really loves it. We also started community ed classes for both kids. So fun.
·        -This year we gained two new nieces, Audrey (Rachel’s) and Sloane (Mike’s).  Yay, cousins!
·       -We experienced our first kid E.R. visit.  Bryleigh earned that visit with a dislocation of either her shoulder or elbow.  She popped it back into place the following day after tripping on Dad’s feet.
·       -The kids are growing up! Brennan is a champion sleeper and loves his basement bedroom. Bryleigh is a chatterbox. She talks constantly with lots of real words.  She is a little spitfire!  Big bro taught her well! :)

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