Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A quick smile on a dreary not-so-wordless Wednesday!

It is an awfully dreary day here in small town Minnesota!  Instead of getting the beautiful December snow that we are known for, we're getting a cold drizzle.  Yuck!  I just wanted to send a quick smile to brighten up your day!  Here's my little guy trying to stay warm (or as he says, "cotzy wahm!"... our version of "cozy warm") after his bath!   Have a great day and pass a smile around!


  1. awww. That's too cute. We leave for Wisconsin next Thursday and I was hoping for the white Christmas they ALWAYS have and so far I'm not thinking it will happen!

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean about a white Christmas! I'll sure miss it if we don't have at least a little layer of snow on the ground! We normally go sledding on Christmas Eve before all of our festivities... it's gonna hurt a lot more on the gravel! Haha! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a little snow! Nobody wants a brown Christmas.


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