Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our annual cookie bake

This year our annual cookie bake featured an up and coming young baker.  He has shown a lot of enthusiasm while developing his baking skills.  His baked creations are rather impressive considering he needs a chair to reach his work space...

Here he is giving a cookie making lesson to an eager student.

 Look at the concentration he possesses!

 He knows how to use almost all the tools of the trade.

Posing for some snapshots for his adoring fans.

You know every good baker samples his creations along the way...

Not only does he have the skills for baking, but his artistic abilities make him a wonderful decorator, as well!

"PLEASE!  Don't touch my creations!"

My sister and her boyfriend are avid followers of the up and coming baker.  They were thrilled when he agreed to take a picture with them...  He was apparently to involved in his work to stop and smile, though.

I expect to see even more amazing creations in the future from this local talent!


  1. Thanks... You can't tell that I just adore that little guy, can you? :)

  2. That is so cute, quite the little baker. Is that a tool time apron I see?

  3. Thanks! Yes, it is a tool time apron! It is actually my cousin, Zach's, from when he was little and Brennan was happily borrowing it. Actually, it says 'Tool Time with ach' because the Z fell off somewhere along the line!


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