Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our Christmas Card...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share this year's Christmas card with all of my awesome blog readers!  I don't think this year's card is the MOST festive, but I love this picture that my mom took of the 3 of us.  Here's what the back side of the card said: 

Our Top 10 of 2011

10.   Brennan got to meet LOTS of animals including dogs, cats, fish, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, mules, horses, llamas, reindeer, ducks, chickens, and even a NASTY rooster. (Grandma Sue and Grandpa Brad’s rooster loves to try to attack people… especially Brennan!)
9.   Emmy (She’s 4 now) and Brennan have become best buddies… or should I say he loves her, and she tolerates him!).
8.   Brennan is still a social butterfly, making friends wherever he goes.  He’s never developed a fear of strangers and I doubt he will.
7.   We remodeled our bathroom (plus redecorated our bedroom) and are so happy with the end result.
6.   Brennan has become a chatterbox- always talking up a storm!­
5.  We purchased a new-to-us vehicle, which we LOVE- a Hyundai Santa Fe.
4.   Our little man turned one year old (and his Mama turned the big 25… ahhh!!!)!­
3.  Ryan officially became a volunteer EMT!
2.  Brennan has finally started sleeping through the night more often than not!  Yay!
1.   We found out that we’re expecting a little girl in March! She’ll be a great addition to our little family.

I hope you all have the merriest of Christmases and that the New Year finds you all happy and healthy.  


  1. SO sweet! I love the updates idea for the back - such a nice thing to share with your family and friends.
    Hope you have the happiest of holidays! xo

  2. Merry Christmas!! I love the pics and it was so much fun reading about your year :)


  3. Congrats on the soon to be new addition!! A little girl! AWWWWWWW.....Hope you have a great holiday this weekend. I will come back and comment more soon...but I am being kicked off the internet by the hubby for the x-box. **SIGH BOYS**


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