Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Tree Adventure

Every year, I find myself waiting impatiently for Thanksgiving.  I mean, what's not to like about the holiday?  It is a day specifically set aside for counting your blessings with your friends and family, all topped off with a big piece of pumpkin pie!

But I've got an ulterior motive for loving Thanksgiving.  After it has passed, we can FINALLY get our Christmas tree!  Every year we make the trip to a nearby (sort of) tree farm and cut down our own tree.  My family has been doing this as long as I can remember, so of course, Ryan and I have continued the tradition with our own family, too.

This year was nice.  It was chilly, but not freezing, which made for a pleasant tree-hunting experience.  After a little bit of searching we found the perfect tree!  Here's our family with our Christmas tree.  Brennan is giving the camera the 'big wave' that his Grandpa Brad taught him and Baby Anderson is making herself known though my coat...

This little guy's face always makes me smile.  Those cheeks, with dimples, were just made for pinching!

Time to cut down our beautiful tree.  I'm awfully short (only 5 feet tall) so getting any leverage pulling on the tree for Ryan is harder than you'd think!  We got the job done anyway... though Grandpa Brad came to help me after we took the picture.

Everybody say, "TIMBER"!  Brennan thought it was pretty cool...

As you can see, he thought that Daddy deserved a round of applause.

Here are some more tree hunters.  Auntie Haley took over the stroller pushing for a while while Grammy Sue held the leash.  I was kind of wishing that I could trade places with Brennan for a bit!  He looked awfully comfy and cozy!

They found a winner, too!  Grandpa Brad is cutting down the tree while they pull on it.

Libby looks like a yuppie dog in her coat, but she gets cold so fast!  Apparently she was freezing, because she's not a real big fan of Brennan and the fact that she's sitting on his lap is amazing!  She's kind of scared of him...

Look who we found!  Santa!  Brennan recognized him right away and thought that he was a pretty cool guy.

Brennan NEEDED to give Santa some high fives and some knucks, too.  They're buddies, I guess!

Santa's mules were so friendly!  It was fun to pet them and see how big they were up close!  Brennan can cross another animal off of his "animals to pet" list! 

It was an awesome day!  Our tree is home and beautiful.  I'll take a picture soon of our simple but pretty decorations and post it, too!


  1. It looks like you guys had an amazing day! Isn't it so much fun continuing our family traditions with our children.
    Ps. I know how you feel... I'm 5'1"... We short Mamma's should stick together!

  2. Thanks for following me!

    It is so much fun to pass these things down to our kids. I know Brennan just loves it.

    And yeah... being short is something, huh? I'm pretty sure my kids will outgrow me by the time they hit 2nd grade! Well... maybe not THAT soon!


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