Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've Created a Monster!!!

My little guy has recently become a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  It has quickly gone from something he kind of enjoys to a full blown addiction! 

When he first wakes up in the morning, "Ninnie" (his version of Mickey) is one of the first words out of his mouth.  He stands in front of the TV, completely enamored, and dancing and singing along with the characters.  He has become a fabulous 'Hot Dog Dancer' (you'd only get this if you watch the show...) and is absolutely in love with Toodles, always calling for him and even insisting upon having me help to draw Toodles!

Well, once I realized he liked the show so much, I thought that I'd get him one of the movies- Mickey's Choo Choo Express.  I figured that it combines Mickey and trains; two things he really loves.  Now, about a week later, I'm not sure if this was a good idea!  He is addicted to the movie!  He begs to watch it all day long, except for when it is actually on!  I wake up hearing the songs playing through my head and walk around the house humming them...  I actually heard Brennan making quite a bit of noise in his crib the other night and went into rub his back for a minute, hoping to calm him down.  When I listened carefully, I could make out the word he was saying... "Ninnie... Ninnie...."!  Oh my.

I don't love playing the video over and over for him and letting him watch so much tv, so we're slowly working on cutting back on it!  However, I have to admit that I truly enjoy watching him enjoying his movie with a big smile on his face and hilarious dance moves.  At least he's not just zoning out in... I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!.....

SORRY!  I just was pulled off of the couch and away from my laptop to do the hot dog dance!  As I was saying- At least he's not just zoning out in front of the tv.  He's clearly learning and having lots of fun.

The other major benefit I reap from the movie is the fact that it keeps my HIGHLY energetic son entertained for long enough for me to actually accomplish something.  I'm feeling pretty good right about now because I cleaned up quite a bit of the messy house during the last viewing!

I didn't have any idea that he could get this wrapped up in something!  At least I know that he'll loooooove the Mickey Mouse tie blanket I'm making him for Christmas!

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