Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Big Gender Reveal Party!

On November 2nd, we found out the sex of our new baby!  This was a really cool experience and one that I've never had until now.  We couldn't wait to tell our friends and family, but since we had been planning a gender reveal party, we would need to wait 3 days, until Saturday, to spread the news.  It was our little (special) secret.  Neither of us cracked, either!  The only people who knew before the party were Ryan, Brennan, Me, the ultrasound tech, and the doctor!

I came up with a pink and blue baby themed party which all of the food and decorations revolved around.  This was the focal point of the party... the food!  We hung both a pink and blue baby outfit above our ultrasound garland.  The garland showed pictures from both our first ultrasound and the one we just had which determined the gender.  Of course, we made sure to hide any pictures that actually revealed the gender, for now.  We hung the party invitation underneath the garland and a Team Pink/Team Blue Scorecard to the right.

We don't have all of the food set out in this picture, but you get the idea...

Here is a little better look at the ultrasound garland.  We twisted strands of white, pink, and blue curling ribbon around each other to form the actual garland and hung the pictures up with blue and pink bow-adorned clothespins.  I have a enough clothespins just  laying around with all of the cloth diapers I wash...

I briefly mentioned the food before.  It was also very baby boy/girl themed.  Here is what we did for the boys...

Since boys are "made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails" we decided on a slimy, bug inspired menu.  We served 'slimy snails' (courtesy of Mom), which were pickle rolls with tooth pick antennae,  ants on a log, dirt cups, and deviled bugs, which were just deviled eggs decorated with olives to look like bugs.

And as you know, little girls are "made of sugar and spice and everything nice", so we followed right along with a menu filled with sweet treats.  

We served an assortment of pink and blue candy, molasses cookies, which are full of spice, question mark cupcakes that Ryan's sister made,  and the big food surprise of the party, pink and blue cotton candy!  I spent the week leading up to the party mastering how to use my new little cotton candy maker.  Needless to say, Brennan and I enjoyed our fair share.

Brennan was a big fan of the pink and blue question mark cupcakes...

Here are some more decorations.  They are pink and blue tissue paper balls hung with fish line.  The one hanging from the light is actually a pinata, covered in about 350 tissue paper roses... that how we did the reveal!  If you want to know how to make a pinata like this, here is a link: Tissue Paper Rose Pinata.

Our guests started rolling in around 3:00 and the fun began!  We had all of our guests wear pink if they thought we were having a girl and blue for a boy.  The initial Team Pink and Team Blue were very uneven- 11 on Team Boy and only 5 on Team Girl!  We ended up moving 3 of the 'on the fence' Team Boy members onto Team Girl to even things out before our games.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of everyone on each team! :(  We played Baby Jeopardy and Pictionary.  Baby Jeopardy featured 5 fun baby related categories all filled with really fun questions.  During pictionary, our guests had to draw baby related items in order to score points.  Throughout the whole game time, the teams had no idea when or how the reveal would happen!  We hadn't told them that the pinata was ACTUALLY a pinata since it looked very much like a fancy decoration...

Here are some of our guests playing Baby Jeopardy.

We also had each guest suggest a boy and girl name on these suggestion cards.  After Jeopardy and Pictionary, Ryan and I chose our favorites and awarded points to the proper teams.

Here was the final score.  Team Blue- 52.  Team Pink- 50.  What a close score!  Now we just had to see which team was the official winner by busting open the pinata and seeing what came out!

Out to the yard we went for the final party activity!  We let each team elect an MVP that would take the first whack at the pinata.  They were blindfolded, so it was trickier than it sounds.  Brennan got to take a turn, too!

Here's a video of what happened.  I'm going to end the post with this and check back in a day or two with a few more 'revealing' pictures of the party!  Have fun watching!  I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Love your ideas! We have done something special for each of our children! With our first we had a typical Baby Showwer and for our second we had a Welcome Celebration and now for our thrid I am planning a Gender Reveal Party! I can't wait for our party! Thanks to your post I now have some super cute ideas! Thanks for posting! What were some questions that you used in your Jeopardy game?

    1. Thanks so much and congratulations on your new addition! For our baby jeopardy, we had five categories: #1- 'Roar... Moo... Baa'. We listed a type of animal and you had to name what their offspring are called (lamb, cub, chick, etc.). #2- 'Think Pink'. Every answer had something to do with the color pink. #3- 'Rhyme Time'. Nursery rhyme trivia like, "I am nimble and quick, so I jumped over this glowing item". #4- 'Clue: Blue'. Every answer had something to do with the color blue. #5- 'Baby Grab Bag'. Just random baby questions like, "This month has the highest number of births", or "Baby's are born without this body part".

      I hope you have a great party! Ours was so fun and I'm very happy that we did something special for our little girl!

      Good luck!


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