Monday, September 12, 2011

My Roughie Toughie Turns Any Toy Into a Weapon!

Woah... I believe it is a HUGE understatement to say that my little boy is ALL boy!  He's always been ultra active, super busy, tough, loud, and getting into things, but one of his other personality traits is becoming even more obvious lately- his rough and violent side! 

We've had trouble with hitting and biting in the past and I'm happy to report that although we still have some problems with this, it seems to be improving.  However, Little B has now been turning any toy he can into a weapon!  It's not that he's mad or defending himself against anything... it's just fun for him!  His pushing/ride on toy has become a rammer- look out walls, furniture, other toys, ankles and doggy!  Blocks and balls are morphing into missiles and grenades.  His toy broom has become a dog beater and sword.  The toy vacuum is a steam roller and books are now projectiles.  My yoga ball is now that giant boulder from Indiana Jones.

Though some of his weapon usage is kind of cute, for the most part it is just destructive!  Luckily for Brennan, he has a super sweet side.  When we cuddle up at bedtime with a bottle, his blanket, and the Grinch and he snuggles in deep while continually showering me with hugs and kisses, all the memories of the wild day and the bruises I sustained fade away.  When I tell him I love him and he repeats it back to me I no longer care that he pelted me with 1000 blocks not 2 hours ago.  When he folds his hands, looks at me and says, "All done?"(his version of Amen), signaling that he wants to say his prayers, I forget about how many times he rammed or otherwise inflicted injury on the dog.  He's just lucky he can be so darn sweet and cute.... and I'm so lucky to have him.


  1. Oh goodness. Haha! I am wondering what Maddie Moo will get into soon.

    Isn't it great how you forget all the trying times when you are cuddling at bed time :).


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It really is amazing what kids can get into, but how we can still forget about them by bedtime!


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