Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions, Shmesolutions...

I've never been big on resolutions.  I don't know why... just never made much sense to me.  I think when I was a tween I made a resolution once or twice, but not since then.  But today, I was thinking about what I would resolve to do if I actually did make resolutions.

  • Take more time for just me.
    • Paint my toenails at least once a month.
    • Read a book.
    • Crochet something for myself.
    • Write more blog posts.
  • Shower if I want to, even if the baby cries when I shut the door.
  • Cut the cord, get a part-time job, and give myself some time out of the house.
  • Go get at least 2 massages this year!
After looking back at my list, I'm beginning to think I should make resolutions.  Hmmm....

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  1. Way more than 2 massages in a year! You deserve them!


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