Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's up lately... a short rundown

Hey everybody,
Boy, I've been busy lately!  That's why my blog posts have been lacking...  So here's what's been keeping us hopping.

  • My niece and nephew were visiting from Texas for the summer, so I made a lot of trips to my parents' place to visit while they were there.  Brennan loves spending time with them!  They're back in Texas now, so we're definitely missing them.
  • I'm still busy bow making!  I had quite a few to make to fill my orders.  I just finished up my last ones and Ryan will be dropping them off for me on Tuesday.
  • I am trying to find time to work on cross stitching Bryleigh's Christmas stocking... Christmas is sneaking up on me!
  • I've been busy chasing my never-slowing-down 2 year old all while holding his little sister.
  • Both of the kids currently have colds, which has made for fussiness and LONG nights.  I'm so happy to announce that Ryan and I caught them, too.  Luckily, ours, especially mine, were pretty short lived.
  • Lately, I have been having a lot of computer problems- powering up, but then shutting itself off.  I figured out that it was a hardware problem and took what I thought were the necessary steps to fix it, but to my dismay, it is not fixed.  I called a computer place and told them what I did... he said that my actions were perfect and that my motherboard must be shot.  I cannot explain it, but it will boot up almost completely disassembled, in pieces on the floor- screen in one spot, keyboard in another, etc.  But as soon as I screw it all together, it gives me heck again!  Time for a new computer.  Kind of a bummer, but I don't mind getting a brand new toy...
  • So, because I need a new computer, that means that I must do HOURS of research to find the perfect one.  My free time during the last couple of days has been consumed with this...  I bought the winner on eBay this morning- an HP Pavilion G6.  Hope I love it!
  • I've got a couple of review products that I've been testing out.  I'll need to be writing the reviews soon.
  • We've been working quite a bit with Brennan on potty training.  We're not forcing it, but encouraging it as much as possible (with the help of one of those review products I mentioned).  He is doing quite well and really enjoys wearing his underwear.  Hopefully he stays interested and one day soon I'll be down to one child in diapers.  :)
  • And speaking of diapers- I am washing, hanging, and folding a load of diapers once every 2 days.  Even without the diapers, the laundry in this house is never quite complete... never ending.
  • We're still casually looking at homes for sale in the area.  I wish we could find the perfect one, in our price range, and sell ours before someone else buys it... seems like a long shot, but maybe things will work out sooner than later.
  • Ryan's birthday is on Monday... I guess I better find a present for him!  Yikes.
 I am pretty sure that I could come up with more, but I've got a stocking to cross stitch, and a birthday gift to buy!  As always, wish me luck!

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