Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emmy Found Her New Home

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing all of the current stress I've been dealing with.  Well, I'm happy to say that it has been greatly reduced since then.  We are still working with Brennan and plan to bring him into a child psychologist in September, we still are looking into the possibility of moving, and I'm still excessively busy trying to complete my crafts I've got going, but we've knocked a lot of the worry off of the list.  Our annual 4th of July party is behind us and I'm happy to say that it was a ton of fun.  The house looked great and I am going to try my very best to keep it looking this way!!!  I finished stripping the deck and it looks way better.  We seem to have gotten our Earwig infestation under control, thank God!  But most importantly, we found a new home for Emmy!

I wrote my "stress post" on Friday, June 22nd.  Emmy found and moved in with her new owners on Sunday, June 24th!  It was fast!  Honestly, after finally deciding on rehoming Emmy and seriously putting her out there on Facebook, Craigslist, and Petfinder, it didn't take long.  Ultimately, Emmy's new owner found her ad on Craigslist and came to meet her.  They are a very nice middle aged/older couple.  They have a 12 year old weimaraner who is suffering from severe hip dysplasia and they know that his time is drawing to a close.  They unfortunately will be having to put him down soon and wanted another nice pup to fill the void.  That's where Emmy came in...She is now living in a home in Rochester, MN with a nice fenced in backyard and two people who are spoiling her rotten. 

I figured that she was doing well and was happy, but I hadn't heard anything from the new owners.  I planned to text them soon to find out.  I haven't been missing Emmy too much, but I had been thinking about/hoping that she is doing well and is happy.  I obviously care about her a lot and want what is best for her.  I mean- we've had her since she was 6 weeks old.  She was our BABY for a long time!  We never envisioned giving her up, but as she became testier with the kids, more aggressive towards other dogs, and started jumping our backyard fence, we didn't feel like we had a lot of choice.

Anyway, my Mom has been asking me all the time if I'd heard from the owners or not yet.  Finally, she asked me what their name was, and since I'd mentioned that the lady worked at Mayo (just as my Mom and Ryan do), she looked her up and sent her an email this morning, much to my surprise!  Here's what it said,

You don't know me, but I am Emmy's "Grandma".  I am just wondering how she is doing.  I know Colleen is wondering also, but is a little worried to contact you.  I know we all missed her a lot yesterday because we always took her to the fire works with us.  I know we are interested in coming and visiting her with the kids-hopefully in a few weeks.
Now, if you knew my mom, you would not be surprised in the least that she sent this email... :)  She was happy to receive this response,
Hi Susan,
Emmy is doing great.  She was a little bossy with our other dog, Reebok is a 12 year old Wiemeraner, so we had a few moments.  Reebok is on his last leg so we treat him too much and spoil Emmy just as much, especially Greg who is around the dogs a bit more than I am.  They’ve taken to sleeping on the floor in the bedroom, side-by-side and love going for car rides.  We went to my mom’s house yesterday and her dog Shorty gets along with both.  We’ve not been able to take Emmy to the dog park yet as Reebok’s hips don’t let him run that much but hope to get her there one of these days.
They have a nice sized back yard to run in and even in this hot weather, lie in the sun and nap.
Thank you, Colleen and the whole family for giving us Emmy.  Let me know when you might be interested in visiting.
It was such a relief to hear this!  It makes me confident that we sent Emmy to a good home and that she is happy and doing well!  It was hard, but turned out great!

I've come up with a list of a few pros and cons about not having Emmy anymore:

-Goodbye dog hair!
-No more drool and dirt smears on the walls and floors
-No more risk of a child getting bit!
-No longer liable if she jumps the fence and hurts another person or dog
-She won't jump the fence and get hit by a car!
-Easier to go on trips without having to find someone to watch her
-Save money on dog food, treats, and vaccinations

-Miss the occasional cuddle she liked to give me
-My side of the bed won't be pre-warmed in the winter anymore :(
-No more watchdog (I'm a bit more nervous when Ryan is gone overnight now...)
-Kids aren't being raised with a dog (except my parents' dog, Libby)
-No more cute pictures of babies and the dog
-I have to sweep underneath the high chair now
-I never did take and post a video on You Tube showcasing the variety of ridiculous noises Emmy could make, thus receiving millions of hits and in turn, fame and fortune

All in all, I think it was the best decision for everyone!  Love you, Em!

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