Friday, June 22, 2012

What's up... the same old crazy stuff!

I was trying to come up with what to blog about today and nothing too interesting was really coming to mind.  I was skimming through all of the things going on around me right now, and nothing really jumped out as super exciting.  But then I realized that just telling you about EVERYTHING going on right now wouldn't make for a terrible post!

I'd like to preface this post with this message: I WISH I could stop thinking about the hundreds of things I think about everyday, but my mind just goes a mile a minute- Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder at its finest!  Yeah...

So here's what's going on.  Right now I'm working hard at the Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre in Red Wing, MN.  Not much going on here until show time.  After this I'm going to head back to my parents' house to pick up Bryleigh and maybe Brennan, but I think he's going to be spending the night.  He's been begging to stay every time we leave and we thought we would give it another try.  Ryan goes on call at 10pm tonight through 10am tomorrow.

This weekend is Water Ski Days in Lake City, so there are a lot of events going on all weekend.  At 10am there is a penny hunt for the little kids, so we might bring Brennan to that.  As soon as Brennan goes down for his nap, I'm planning to head to Rochester for a bit of shopping.  I need a couple of new and BIGGER bras :(...  I'll tell you this: shopping for bras when your chest size to body ratio is 3 or 4:1 really sucks.  I'll probably show up back at home with just as many bras as I had when I left.  I also need to get some pretty ribbon and some clips to make up some bows.  A few days ago I got a wild hair and decided to try making a korker bow to go with Bryleigh's 4th of July romper.  To make a long story short, it turned out super cute and now I'm on a little bow selling adventure on Facebook.  If you need any bows, let me know!!!

Tomorrow evening we have my little cousin's graduation party to go to.  Then on Sunday, Ryan is on call from 6am-noon, we'll take the kids to the parade, and then he goes back on call from 6pm until midnight.  That basically sums up the weekend, I think.  But besides the physical events we have going on, I've had a lot on my mind lately!

We are in the process of trying to find a new home for our dog, which is good, but sad/hard at the same time.  We are keeping her with us, not in a shelter, until someone who will hopefully give her a great new home comes along.  She has an ad on Petfinder.  I think it looks great, but again, it makes me kind of sad to see it- Emmy on Petfinder.

After thinking about it for a really long time, I've finally scheduled an appointment for Brennan with a child psychologist.  I feel semi-nuts for setting it up for him, but I've read and heard that child/family psychology can really help a lot with behavior problems.  Some days Brennan is just wonderful, but other days are extremely rough.  I know that it to be expected, but something about him seems over the top to me.  He has more energy than any child I've ever known (and I worked at a daycare center as well as doing quite a bit of babysitting) and none of the tips I've read or heard to control tantrums and stubbornness have helped much or at all.  I guess I just figure that it is at least worth a try.  If there is something 'different' about him, I'd like to know now while he's little.  If he's just an average 2 year old boy, I'd like to know that, too.  Wish us luck with that... the first opening was September 5th!!!

I have been really busy trying to get our house de-cluttered/organized, but it seems to look just as messy as it was 1 hour later.  Saying that it is frustrating is a HUGE understatement.  We have an annual 4th of July party, which is obviously creeping up quickly on us and I have SO much cleaning and organizing to do before it, not to mention getting all of our supplies, etc.

We've been slowly exploring the possibility of trying to move into a bigger house, but there are so many questions and 'what ifs' that go along with that!  We don't know if our house would even be able to sell for what we owe on it with how bad the market is now.  And if we put it on the market, how on earth could we make it look nice and de-cluttered with all of the stuff we have jammed inside?  Probably not, but I would have to try my best.  Would a house we like be available when it sold?  Hard to say.  We really want our next house to be in the country and we're definitely going to be more discerning when it comes to buying our next place since we plan to stay there indefinitely.

We've got a ton of outdoor projects that we would like to do this year- finish stripping the deck, put another gate in the fence, build a patio, raise up some stepping stones, build or buy a garden shed, spray down a bunch of round up...  the never ending list goes on.

And though it may sound like a very small thing, I still have a lot of cross stitching to go on Bryleigh's Christmas stocking.  It's her first Christmas... I better have it done in time!

Whew!  There's more.  I know there is.  Wish me luck!

And here's my little marketing spiel once more: If you would like a nice, big, black dog for FREE, need any bows, or are interested in buying a cute 2 bedroom house with a loft in Lake City, MN, let me know!! Haha...


  1. Whoa! What a list, overwhelming I'd have to say.

  2. Whoa! What a list, overwhelming I'd have to say.


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