Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Toddler is SO Funny... Especially When He's Not Trying to Be!

Though Brennan is in the midst of the terrible two's, another much nicer part of his personality is developing nicely- his imagination.  For a while, he would do cute things that made me chuckle a little, but now doing things that impress me like crazy.  He's saying words that I didn't know he knew and he's got me laughing, nearly to the point of crying, almost everyday!  I've got a few examples that to illustrate these things.

#1- The other day he was playing with his "go go go" (his little ride on toy) and suddenly got a concerned look on his face.  He quickly hops off, flips it onto its side and starts digging around underneath of it.  He says to himself, with a sigh, "Needs new batteries" and the off he walks around the couch.  He starts digging through his toy bin, apparently looking for "batteries".  When he finds them, (2 shaka shaka eggs- basically maracas- from his instrument set) he excitedly proclaims, "Brennan found them!  New batteries!"  and marches over to his go go go to install them.  He fiddles under the car for a moment before flipping it back up and exclaiming, "There!  All done!  Fixed it!"

#2- Today, just after we finished his and Bryleigh's diaper changes, I hear Brennan hollering, "Help, Mama!" from his room.  I go in to see what's going on.  He holds up his little pirate toy, which is about 2.5 inches tall and tells me, "Pirate diaper change- ALL wet!"  I see that he's already grabbed one of his cloth diapers from the diaper stacker and is trying to undo the snaps in order to put it on the much-too-tiny pirate.  I help him with the snaps and he lays it wide open on the floor.  Together we go through the steps of changing a diaper an within a minute the tiny pirate is sporting a furry new zebra diaper... or sticking out the top of it like a scoop of ice cream on a cone!

And lastly and most hilarious/inappropriate:
#3- This evening as I'm feeding Bryleigh, Brennan is being much too wild for the living room and ESPECIALLY the couch.  Finally we convinced him to either sit on the floor and do a puzzle or just sit next to me and watch is movie, Rio (A.K.A. Blue Blue Birds).  He goes over to his toy bin to get a puzzle, but comes back with 2 dolls.  He crawls up on the couch next to me and says, "Feed baby"... I know where this is going!  Haha!  Sure enough he pulls his shirt up as far as it will go and tries to position the baby.  He has a concerned look on his face and soon starts saying, "Brennan's nipples- Where'd they go?"  I guess he couldn't find them.  By the time Ryan and I stopped laughing, he'd lost interest and was onto the next thing.  Oh man... gotta love him!

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