Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ryan's Mayo One Helicopter Ride!

The blog title today sounds like something that most people wouldn't be thrilled about.  Who wants  to be transported by helicopter?  But, Ryan's ride was a good thing!

Ryan has been volunteering as an EMT in our town for about a year now.  When he found out that one of the EMTs could take advantage of going on a Mayo One ride along, he jumped at the opportunity!  Being a paramedic, but especially a flight medic, was a childhood dream of his...

The first day he was scheduled to ride along, they didn't get any calls and the helicopter never even left the ground!  They were nice enough to schedule another day for him to come back for a second chance.  That day, they had a couple interesting calls!  Both of the patients they transported were thankfully going to be ok.  Ryan was excited to even be able to help give patient care!

It was a pretty cool experience for him and I'm so glad he got to do it!

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