Monday, May 14, 2012

Look What My Hubby Did! Our Awesome Backyard Sandbox!

We are the proud owners of this beautiful, brand new, home and hand-crafted sandbox!  We knew that our son was definitely outgrowing the little turtle sandbox and we wanted him to have an updated version!  I spent lots of time researching sandboxes, sand, and everything that goes along with them.  I finally found a blog that outlined a wonderful sandbox building plan and decided to go with that.  If you want to build this same sand box, check out these wonderful instructions: How to Build a Sandbox with Seats.

Now that the planning stage was over, it was Ryan's turn!  Together, we went and bought all of the wood and other materials (except the sand) and then Ryan got busy building.  I would have liked to help, but with a one week old baby at home, it wasn't very feasible.  After the frame was all built, 'planted' in the yard, and stained, it was time for sand!  My parents were nice enough to pick up the sand from Menards and bring it down to our place with their trailer.  We don't have a trailer and we didn't think that either of our vehicles would take very kindly to having over a ton of sand (LITERALLY) loaded into the trunk!  Anyway, after it was all said and done, here's how it turned out!

We love our new sandbox, especially Mr. Brennan!  Thanks, Daddy!

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