Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boobs... A Blessing or a Curse?

This is the story of my life!  I found this here and had to share it with you!  Being that I'm a size 36DDD even when I'm NOT nursing, I can definitely relate. 

1. The Surprise Stain

The Surprise Stain

2. The Counter Dilemma

The Counter Dilemma

3. Airplane Turbulence

Airplane Turbulence

4. The Motorboating Proposition

The Motorboating Proposition

5. The Built-in Bra Issue

The Built-in Bra Issue

6. The Shoulder Strap Attack

The Shoulder Strap Attack

7. The Dishwashing Dilemma

The Dishwashing Dilemma

8. Ye Old "Boob Spillage"

Ye Old "Boob Spillage"

9. Seatbelt Sadness

Seatbelt Sadness

10. Ruffles!


11. Suspenders!


12. Stairs!


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  1. Yeah, know the feeling. I had Cs when I was married (which were big enough) but they went up to F/G when I was pregnant both times and now they've settled at DD. [sigh]


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