Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yum... Dog Food!

This is a good one.  Since my blog is supposed to be about a day in my life, I think this issue I face needs including!

I think that almost every kid has tried dog food at least once.  Most of the time it goes in the mouth and comes right back out.  Well... that's not really the case with my Brennan. 

The boy loves dog food.  I find it totally disgusting- the fact that he likes it, I mean.  I haven't tried my dog's food myself.  If I don't want him to eat it, I have to keep the bowl locked in the kitchen or back porch.

And it isn't like he gingerly nibbles one piece at a time.  No.  It's an entire handful!  He jams it right in and then scampers away to avoid me trying to make him spit it out. 

In fact, the other day I was trying my best to get him to spit some out.  We were outside on the deck and I was holding him so he couldn't run away.  I kept telling him, "Brennan!  Spit it out!  That's disgusting!  Spit it out, now!"  He looked me right in the eyes and shouts, "EAT IT!" as he crunches down the last bit.

So today I decided to try a new experiment- pretend that I really don't care that he's eating dog food and completely ignore it.  Maybe it's an attention stunt?  Turns out it isn't....  He took a handful, shoved it in, and then crawled out of the house through the dog door to enjoy his delicacy on the deck.  I was keeping an eye on him to make sure he wouldn't choke or anything.  Pretty soon I see his little hand poke back in through the dog door and right into Emmy's bowl for another bite.  And then again... So apparently my 'ignore it' plan wasn't working. 

He also enjoys dog treats.  He asks to give one to the puppy, but at least half of the time he's the one who ends up eating it.

This all probably makes me sound like a stellar mom, but besides only putting the food bowl on the floor when Emmy is eating, I don't know what to do!  I guess I feel that I have many more important battles that I need to fight with him than the dog food war, so I don't make too big of a deal out of it.  It isn't going to hurt him.  The main problem is that it disgusts me.  I assume that he will outgrow this phase.  If not, I've got bigger problems!  Today, I started telling him that there are chicken beaks and feathers in dog food.  He just happily repeats, "beaks and feathers!"  I think I just inadvertently made dog food even cooler...

So, any suggestions?  Or more importantly- does anyone else's kid do this?!?  Gross!


  1. Oh gosh! I have no suggestions but GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Yup this is exactly what Lorelai does too. The more I try to ignore it the more she eats. When I say to spit it out she runs away until she chews it all and swallows it then comes back over and pretends to spit it out. We just have the food in the bathroom and open the door for maverick when he scratches on the door, or when she is eating or sleeping. Not the best solution but works most days. But she still gets in there here and there for a nibble. Wonder what is so appetizing? Mavericks food is fish, so when she eats it her breath stinks of fish, yuck!

  3. I feed our dogs a certain amount each day -- once in the morning and once in early evening. They don't get to snack at their leisure all day. This leaves the bowls empty most of the day.

  4. It is pretty hard to come up with a good solution. We feed Emmy at mealtimes, as well, but Brennan has become such a 'helper' that he goes into the food pail and scoops Emmy's food into the bowl himself. It's the only convenient spot we've got for the pail- in the back porch. So when he is out playing or I forget to lock the kitchen gate and he can get out into the back porch, it's fair game! Crafty little kid!

  5. never head this to deal with. maybe give him candy instead!


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