Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Awesome Little Baby Shower for Baby #2! Spoiled Baby (and Mama)!

I was lucky enough to have a little baby shower for our 2nd baby that will be coming by the end of this month (she better!).  My mom put it together for me and I can't thank her enough.  It was a really nice afternoon.  First, instead of games, we did a couple of craft activities.  Everyone decorated blocks so that the baby will have her own little set.  Then everyone wrote on/decorated newborn diapers for her.  We packed them away without looking at them so that we'll get a surprise (the pleasant kind) with each diaper change for the first couple of days.  I do primarily cloth diaper, but if this little girl is anything like her brother, we'll need to use the tiniest of the disposables for the first month or so, until she grows into the cloth.  

 Next, Brennan and I opened up the gifts.  We were given some wonderful stuff!  Thank you, everyone.  We will love and use everything!

3 summer outfits and a pair of pink shoes from my friend, Shannon.
My mother-in-law, Mary, made me an awesome diaper bag and filled it with a shirt, this lamb, and several flannel burp cloths and receiving blankets she made.
Here's the Bambi cross stitch quilt my Grandma Jan is making!
Hard to see, but these are the cutest knitted Mary Jane's from my friend, Heather.  She also gave me pacifiers and made me an adorable sign/picture frame hanger, which I didn't get a good picture of.  She has a tutorial on how to make it on her blog:

Here is half of the gift from my sister, Haley.  It is a '(Little) Sister' shirt and it is so cute. The other half of her gift was a super soft zebra sleeper... adorable.
Here's a knitted blanket from my Aunt Darla.  It is so nice and thick!  It's gonna be really warm.
Another beautiful blanket!  This one is a flannel quilt my Aunt Julie made and it is sooo cute!
 I realized that I do not have a picture of me opening my Aunt Cheryl's gift, but she got baby girl a couple pairs of pants, pacifier clips, a headband, and some bows.  I just love little girl stuff!

After we finished opening gifts we had some snacks and cupcakes that Mom made.  Everything was delicious!  As always, her cupcakes and fruit pizza were a huge hit!

Here I am with the spread- celery and carrots, cheese, crackers, and meat, fruit pizza, and shamrock cupcakes!
Everyone enjoyed the food.
 And here are a couple more pictures from the day...

Shannon and I are due within 2 months of each other!
Mom and I after the shower... we don't look related at all, do we?

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