Thursday, October 6, 2011

My awesome garage sale find!

Now I'm not sure if anyone else could possibly be as excited about this as I am, but I just have to show you all of the things I found at this great little garage sale last week!

First, just let me say.  A lot of garage sales have toddler boys clothes.  The problem with most of these sales, for me at least, is that 99% of the clothing is either stained, have a picture of some lame monster truck on them,  or say something along the lines of "Mommy's Future Quarterback".  I can't stand this stuff!  The occasional sports-type shirt is ok, and there are times when it is nice to have some dirty old clothes to not worry about staining, but I'm not going to put my kid in something like that every day!

Well, this garage sale was just the perfect one for me!  There was virtually none of the stuff I didn't like!  Here's what I got: 4 comfy pairs of socks (3 are pictured), one pair of underwear since we are currently working on potty training and this may be good incentive!, 1 cool Paul Frank t-shirt, 1 sweet Harley t-shirt, 1 maroon Old Navy fleece 1/4 zip, 1 Old Navy motorcycle zip up, 1 dark blue THICK Baby Gap zip up, 1 pair of flannel 'old man' pj's, and a pair of New Balance tennis shoes that look like they've been worn twice ever.

The prices were pretty good- most t-shirts were $.50, socks and underwear were $.10, and the shoes and sweatshirts were $2.  I don't recall what I paid for the pajamas, but it couldn't have been more than $1.  These aren't the very best prices I've seen, but at the same time, these clothes were in pristine condition and well worth the money!

Yet, even with all these wonderful purchases, there was one more that Brennan likes the best!  His brand new toy stroller!  He'll admit, it isn't the manliest stroller in the world, but believe it or not, they don't make a lot of boy-themed doll toys (but they should just make them neutral so it isn't a problem)!  Every day Brennan spends time pushing his baby around the house and through the yard.  We do need to watch him carefully because like many of his other toys, this one has become a weapon to use against the dog.  He also occasionally tries to sit down in it himself.  I'm pretty sure it isn't strong enough to hold all of his 30 heavy pounds!

I'm planning to sew a new fabric seat for this stroller because this one is already beginning to tear a little.  I guess that proves that he's getting a lot of use out of it!  It will be a good excuse to rid ourselves of the princess seat that is in there currently and replace it with something a little more neutral.  

One more thing I'd like to point out: Brennan's baby's outfit is actually one of Brennan's very first outfits.  After Brennan was born so tiny, we had to go to the store to find a few tinier outfits! At 6lbs 2 oz, he was too small for almost everything we owned!  This was a newborn outfit that we intentionally shrunk to fit our perfect newborn baby!  It sure brings back sweet memories!  Can't wait to have another tiny baby to clothe with all those adorable teeny clothes!


  1. Wow those are some good Garage Sale finds! and really reasonable prices for what you got! It is always so hard to find quality things at garage sales.

  2. how cute....hopefully he doesn't try to put his new sibling in that stroller ;) awesome finds by the won't find prices like $.10 at Walmart or Target for sure!


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