Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bryleigh's Night Weaning Saga: Night 3 and Night 4

Night 3 wasn't as good as night 2, but I was kind of expecting that.  It seems like day/night 3 in any child developmental change is sort of the set-back day.  It still wasn't that bad, though.

Bryleigh woke up for the first time around 10:30.  I went into her and she was acting awfully weird.  It's like she wasn't 100% awake.  She asked me for milk and cried/whined for a minute when I told her no.  She kind of flopped around and kicked at the covers for a couple minutes before she rolled over and relaxed.  It only took another couple minutes for her to go all the way back to sleep.  That was a 2 1/2 song ordeal.

Then she was up again just a little after her normal time... about 1:30.  She again asked for milk and when I told her no, she asked for water.  She drank a bunch and then we snuggled.  Again, the entire comforting time until she was back asleep was only 2 1/2 songs.

She got up again towards morning.  I'm guessing that it was about 4:00... I was kind of out of it by then. I got her back to sleep in about 8 songs and went back to bed.  I got to stay there for a few minutes before she woke back up again.  After that, I resided just to stay in her room until morning.

Night 4 was ok.  She got up at normal time... about 1:15 or so.  This time she was mad for about a minute when I told her no milk.  I am guessing it probably only took 8 songs or so to get her back to sleep, but I fell asleep, so I don't know!  I woke up after the music was over and went back to bed.

She got up again at 4:15 or so.  I took 11 songs to get her back to sleep and then she made it until morning.

Hopefully she cuts the night wakings back to once again pretty soon.  That was nice!  This has still been worth the change just for my comfort level alone.  I can actually get into a comfortable position cuddling with her... very different than having to lay one of two ways when nursing her in bed.  I don't mind a night time cuddle so much.  Way better than waking up sore from falling asleep and having her shift to a bad latch sometime after. So, this is still a welcome change.

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