Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Little Sister Got Married!

Last Saturday my little sister got married!  She's been with her new husband for a couple of years and he is a really nice guy.  The kids especially love him because he is a great player, something Mom's not the best at. :)

I was lucky enough to be the Matron of Honor and the kids were the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.  We thought there was no chance that they would walk down the aisle like civilized people, but they did!  They were perfect and adorable.

Haley made a beautiful bride and we all had a good time.  The wedding was outside and our Mom and Dad's house.  It was a little misty, but we didn't get rained out!  It really worked out just great.

I want to share a few photos and my wedding toast with you all. :)

And in case anyone would like to read it, here's my toast:

"First off, I’d like to congratulate Haley and Joe on their brand new marriage and thank you for asking me to be a part of your big day.
Haley and I have always been close.  I think that growing up in the country had a lot to do with it.  After all, we didn’t have friends next door to play with or parks nearby to meet new friends at.  Besides the occasional visit from the cousins, our only playmate was each other.  We were forced to make our own fun, but I have to say- we did a pretty good job at it.  I remember a lot of the things we did that brought some variety and fun to our day.  We made up ridiculous songs- I believe our most beloved, but inappropriate title was, “I’m a double amputee”.  One summer, we spent a few weeks only calling each other ‘Clyde’.   We played tons of board games, watched movies, and played outside together, too.  
We also developed and used our own currency for a while.  Instead of dollars, it was favors.  A transaction would go something like, “Hey Haley, I’ll give you five favors if you make me a glass of chocolate milk.”  “OK!”  or… “Hal, How about 20 favors for a foot massage?”  And then we would end up arguing about what our favor balances were.  I kind of made a killing with this.  Haley had hundreds or thousands of favors saved up and I kept reaping the benefits.  That was one advantage of being five years smarter than her.
One disadvantage was that Haley could beat the heck out of me, but since she was little I couldn’t do anything back or I’d be the one to get in trouble.  Eventually mom caught onto the fact that I was being abused and I was given the thumbs up to retaliate.  That was a good day.
Overall, I think we had a very good relationship and besides the daily beating or two that I endured, we got along pretty well.   I remember one time that I was actually thankful for her temper.  We were playing in the McDonalds playland.  I was probably 8 or 9 which would make Haley 3 or 4.  A mean boy blocked the entrance to the playland and wouldn’t move even though I was saying, ‘excuse me’.  He was such a bully.  I was so timid and shy that I just stood back, sadly, hoping he would just move.  That’s when Haley came into the picture.  She gently pushed me out of her path, looked at the boy, who was at least my age or older, and told him in her sternest voice, “YOU LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!”  He boogied.  That tiny girl was awfully frightening.
But frightening as she may be, she had a weakness- bugs.  Actually, for quite a while when we were young, we shared a room, and even a bed.  We had our own, but we liked to share.  Haley was so freaked out by the bugs on the wall, so I slept next to it.  But that was perfect, because I was terrified of the murderers in the closet.  But I guess I figured they couldn’t get to me past the wildabeast.  It worked out pretty well. 
So I guess, in closing, I’d like to wish you both as much fun, silliness, security, love and memories as Haley and I provided each other in the past. I’m looking forward to the future filled with just as many great experiences. 
One last thing.  To get Joe started off on the right foot, I thought I’d make photocopies of these coupons that Haley gave me many, many years ago.  Luckily, she didn’t include any fine print barring photocopies.   I guess I should make a few more copies for myself…."
 I then went on to read the coupons which included one glass of chocolate milk, a foot rub, and extra day in the front seat, don't bug, leave alone, and my favorite- don't hurt me.  I love that this was a special treat for me... not being hurt by Haley! So funny...

What a great day- 9/28/13!

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