Sunday, September 1, 2013

What a 3 year old prays about...

Our little man is beginning to pray on his own.  Every time he says his own prayer, my heart melts.  I'm so proud that he has learned to do this.  What a great base to grow upon.  His prayers never fail to make me smile, either.  If only my prayers could be so innocent and childlike instead of having to worry about all the big stuff people face on a daily basis. 

Here are tonight's prayers, to make you smile.

"Dear Jesus, thank you for the moon.  We love to see the moon up in the sky.  It is so pretty.  It lights the way for the animals and makes it bright so we can see at night, too.  Amen."
"Dear Jesus, thank you for the monkeys.  We love to watch them swing on the vines.  They can swing on the vines like Tarzan does.  Sometimes duckies have arms and can swing on the vines, too.  And sometimes froggies can swing on the vines.  Amen."

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