Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toddler Talk Tuesday- B's Imagination

Today's Toddler Talk Tuesday is a little different format than I normally do, but I wanted to share how imaginative Brennan is becoming!  He has started using stuffed animals to act out scenes from movies and books.  Today he had a stuffed lamb and a baby doll.  They were Buzz Lightyear and Jesse, respectively.  It was so cute listening and watching how he made them talk and follow along with the story he was creating.

This evening, we went on a verbal adventure as Mickey, Daisy, and The Golden Boo Boo (you'll only get this if you watch the show).  The funny part was that he was Daisy, I was Mickey, and Bryleigh was The Golden Boo Boo.  He went along with the story, not only through bath time, but even as I left his room after tucking him in, he says, "Tell me, 'Goodnight, Daisy!'"  So I told Daisy goodnight and he, of course, replies, "Goodnight, Mickey!"  So cute.

And now from the cute, to the not-so-cute.  Today, after using the potty, he looks in and goes, "Oh!  It's a shark poop!"  At first I didn't get it, but after further inspection, I could definitely see the resemblance.  Brennan was pretty impressed with himself and his "loooong shark poop".  Boys.

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