Monday, April 16, 2012

The first day of my new life!

April 16th- It finally came.

I've been worrying about today for the past 10 months or so.  Now you're probably wondering- what is so scary about today? 

I'll tell you.  It is something that might not be scary for a supermom or a daycare provider, but is frightening for me.  Today was Ryan's first day back at work after his paternity leave!  That, of course, means that it was my first whole day on my own with TWO little ones.

It might sound easy, but as we all know, every kid is different and my oldest can prove awfully challenging at times and be a complete sweetheart at other times.  Our new baby has been an easy baby so far and I hope and pray she stays that way!  You never know when a switch will flip and they'll change from docile to a tiny terror!  Two weeks seems to be a common time for that to happen and she is 16 days old today...

Anyway, today went great!  We had a few meltdowns and time outs, but that is no different than before Bryleigh was born.  Bryleigh was pretty content and good natured.  We all even got a nice nap before lunch.  So, I guess all  the anxiety I experienced was for nothing.  I do know, though, that we're going to have good and bad days.  I'll just have to do my best to enjoy the good ones and get through the bad!


  1. And some day you'll look back and laugh at the bad (hopefully)!


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