Saturday, July 22, 2017

Due Date! Due Date!

My little sister is a full 40 weeks pregnant with her first little one today!  We are all very anxiously awaiting his or her arrival.  She's asked me to take pictures for them in the delivery room, so I've been staying close by the phone waiting for 'the call'.  She called today to update me about this afternoon's doctor visit.  When my caller ID showed her name, I got super excited and thought she must be in labor!  She wasn't :/.  I told her that she is now banned from calling me until she is actually in labor and that she may only text me or Facebook message me!  I don't need that kind of false excitement in my life!

On July 8th, we threw a little shower for her and Joe.  We made it a coed BaByQ and it was a blast. We played just a few games, a relay, which was wild and competeitive, the standard 'guess the mother's girth' game, and a challenging nursery rhyme triva game.

Everybody had a lot of fun and Haley and Joe were given a lot of wonderful gifts to help them get ready for the baby, who I've dubbed 'Clyde' so far.

My little cousin (the one closest in age but about 16" taller than me) and his wife are also expecting their first baby!  He or she is due to arrive August 1st!  So within a week or two we'll have to new tiny members of the family.  It's a race now to see which one will make its appearance first.

Please keep my sister, brother-in-law, cousin, cousin-in-law and the babies in your prayers for safe (and soon) deliveries that result in happy, healthy babies!

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