Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Coming and it is Full of Surprises!

As many of you know, we moved into a new house at the very end of February.  Then, and up until now everything has been snow covered.... VERY snow covered.  Now that the snow is finally melting away we are making some very fun discoveries around our house! 

So far, we've been able to see that there are landscaping pavers and mulch around most of the trees and shrubs, giving me a lot of space to plant a few more flowers.  We've discovered many plant tags so now we know a few of the species we have to look forward to.  The mini garden that we thought was only used for tomatoes has melted enough to reveal a lot of strawberry plants!  I'm excited for strawberries!  We can see where all of our patio lights are and how the front patio is set up.  This is so fun!  Everyday we are peering out the windows and exploring the yard for new discoveries!

Trust me.  You'll all be bombarded with pictures when the flowers bloom!

And on a side note, Bryleigh is starting to say some words.  "Peek-a-boo" is one of her favorites and it is so adorable!


  1. Isn't is exciting to discover new things in a new home?! What fun!

  2. What do your patio lights look like? I'd love to see what type and style you have. You see, we recently replaced our old patio lights with this incredible set that we use with LED lights, which, by the way, are astounding. It's so bright, we can see everything outside our house, even during late at night. Seriously. =D

    Allison Shallenberger


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