Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Poop 'n Pull Potty Training Device Review!

A couple of week ago, we started using our latest review product- the Poop 'n Pull from Joshheathmoffatt on Etsy.  Well, I suppose I should say that Brennan started using it... While the name may sound funny, the product itself is actually a pretty smart idea!

The Poop 'n Pull is a potty training device that delivers rewards to your child upon successful trips to the bathroom.  It consists of a main unit which has two sides- one storage compartment for your child's favorite treats, and the side you load the treats into, and a release string.  Using the device is easy and straightforward.  All you do is load the treat into the release area, wait for your child to successfully use the potty, and then let your child pull the string to release the reward.  The Poop 'n Pull also comes along with a sheet of tips for potty training success.

When the Poop 'n Pull came, I attached the included hook and placed it on the bathroom door.  I then told Brennan what it was and showed him how it works.  It wasn't too long and he wanted to give it a try.  He sat down and peed on his potty and then asked to use the Poop 'n Pull.  I happily obliged.  This has continued and has only gotten better.  He even made sure to tell me that his favorite treat is sour gummy worms! :)

Before the Poop 'n Pull, Brennan was interested in potty training in streaks.  He would do great using his potty for a week or so, then be completely uninterested again.  Since receiving the Poop 'n Pull, he has stayed interested an gotten much better at it!  Quite often he tells us when he has to go instead of us asking him if he needs to.  During the last few days he has been in underwear much more than in diapers, basically only wearing a diaper at nap time and at night.  He has had very few (or no) accidents during the last couple of days, too.  We're thrilled with how he is doing.  He still is uncomfortable with the idea of pooping on the potty for some reason, so we've had a couple accidents because of that, but I think he's getting much closer to trying it...

I absolutely believe that the Poop 'n Pull is the main reason behind his sudden and consistent interest in using the potty.  Yes, you could just hand your child a piece of candy, but there is really something more fun about letting your kiddo pull the string and get it themselves.  They like it better, too.  I'm very impressed!  What's even cooler is that Josh, the Poop 'n Pull creator, told me that the original Poop 'n Pull is more of a prototype and that they are working a new and improved model!

If you want a potty training incentive, head on over to Joshheathmoffatt and pick up a Poop 'n Pull for your child!

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